Social Responsibility

The Priam Group understands the utmost importance of social responsibility, one that must be felt by every single employee. It ensures that everyone in the group behaves in an impeccable fashion, acting with respect and honoring our long-term outlook.

We strive to ensure that the highest international safety standards are met with all of the businesses in which we are involved or invested in, and through our companies we seek to create a better social awareness for those in our firm and actively better the local environment wherever we operate.

A Developmental Approach:

Essentially, Priam Group's vision to be a catalyst for change and supported by its core values underpins its development agenda, which is fiercely promoted by the Founder. Through his voyage into business, long term investments that advance positive social and environmental change have been made continuously in order to contribute to the economy of a region and a nation at large.

Our efforts:

  • Enhancing access to education and improving educational standards through the building of general and science secondary schools, which have been handed over to the government
  • Enhancing security through the routine assistance given to the police and army
  • Provision of relief materials to affected people
  • Host community projects to improve their living conditions
  • Educational financial aid programs for bright and creative students
  • Sustainable environmental projects to develop awareness and protect the ecosystem

Through our efforts, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Assuring social and environmental awareness by all stakeholders forming a strong base for sustainable business development throughout all projects
  • Building long term and responsible relationships with our stakeholders on the backbone of trust and high standards of appropriate labour
  • Providing dependable resolutions at the same time adhering to existing regulations
  • Preserving the environment based on international guidelines