Our Strategy

Priam Group 2015 and Beyond:

A strategy of value creation and distribution

Our Objective

Priam Group's strategic objective is to become one of the largest private employers of labour in Nigeria by 2020, through expansion of current businesses and development of new ones.

Priam Group's domain of activities is in the state of Adamawa and other regions of Nigeria. The majority of our customers are located in Nigeria and the neighbouring countries of Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Our group's activities span a variety of sectors driving economic growth and providing job opportunities in the region.

Our Advantage

At Priam Group, we focus on improving the lives of our customers and partners through the provision of high quality and affordable goods and services. In order to achieve this, we pride ourselves in our strategy that takes heart in the hundreds of activities required to plan, create, produce, sell, and deliver products or services such as, calling on customers, purchasing inputs, hiring experienced management, making capital investments, employing the best available technology, assembling final products, and training employees. Ultimately, Priam Group's activities are the basic units of its competitive advantage.

Priam Group's Strategic Agenda:

  • Maintaining our Unique Position
  • Selecting projects and partners that align with our strategic objectives
  • Tightening fit among our group activities